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Backyard goals.

Perhaps one of the most ironic parts about our house is that the focus from the very beginning has been the inner courtyard, and yet somehow it has been the last thing to be finished.

Because of budget reasons the pool and all our landscaping for the back yard didn’t get completed with the house. That doesn’t mean that we weren’t planning ahead though. Our guest house is at the exact level as the main house, which meant until now it has been sitting awkwardly above grade. The pool that we added a year ago was also at the same level, meaning it too stuck above grade making it look like an above ground pool. There were also stub outs for gas and electric to go to the back yard.

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What it costs to build a pool

Let's just start this post off saying that I've wanted a pool since I was a little kid. My wife would probably argue that I am still a kid which is maybe why we have had a pool at every house we've lived while in Austin. You can see a few prime examples below. How much did they cost? Cheap. How long did they last? Not long enough. Did I love them? Abso-fucking-lutely. 

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Casa Marrakech

A house is never really done, and ours is still a long way from being finished, but we finally got to the point that we felt comfortable having photos taken of the space. Huge thanks to Andrea Calo for making a pretty good looking house look even better. Thanks also to Bercy Chen for the amazing house (architect and builder), Sasha our project manager, McCray & Co for the help with interior design, Westshop for help with landscaping, the Ankor boys and Clar for the custom couch, and all the other amazing people that helped out on the project. 

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Coming soon : Scout Island by Alterstudio

As good as these photos are, they just don't do justice to how good our newest listing at Skout really is. Alterstudio is one of my favorite architects in Austin and the level of detail on this project is next level. First off I'm a complete sucker for any house with a courtyard and the U shape of this layout does a perfect job of splitting the private and public spaces up and connecting the whole house to the outdoors.

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Starlight Village Homes

Hopefully by now you have already heard of Starlight Village. It's a new development of 30 affordable mid century modern inspired homes that is being built in Austin. Err, well, not exactly in Austin. The development is really 30 min from down town (if the traffic gods are being kind) in Leander. They've been on my radar for a long time now so I decided to make the trek north to see just how things are coming along. Here's the good news and the bad.

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A Mid Century Masterpiece

Last week I gave a little teaser of my latest listing. The "Butterfly House" designed by A. D. Stenger is sincerely one of my favorite homes in Austin. and here's why. First off, I'm going to assume you are already familiar with Arthur Dallas Stenger. He was a bit of a radical and a visionary and he built a lot of beautiful homes in Austin in the 50's and 60's. This particular one stands out however thanks to its unique roof line. I've heard the inspiration came from a similar roof on the old Austin airport which was designed by another notable firm Fehr and Granger.  

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Have your cake and eat it too!

My latest listing on 2708 Pither Ln is pretty much a no brainer. You get all of the good parts of the condo life like a community pool, dog park and yard maintenance without any of the downsides like shared walls and noisy neighbors. It's a freestanding house with a garage at a entry price that is as close as you can get to affordable in Austin these days. Besides the aforementioned pool and dog park, there's a lot to love about the little Edgewick community that it's located in. East Riverside is definitely on the upswing and with all the new projects planned for the area it's only a matter of time before it catches up with it's neighbors in 78704 and East Austin. 

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1313 Comal : Minimal, Eclectic and For Sale

The fact that east Austin is quickly changing is not news to anyone. People want to live here, lots of people. And for good reason too. I myself wouldn't want to live anywhere else. We have amazing restaurants and bars, amazing parks and public spaces, and adorable walkable neighborhoods. Unfortunately that demand for housing is slowly changing the face of east Austin. It's inevitable, and I get that, but it does my heart good to see remodels like 1313 Comal that stay true to the funky east Austin vibe while at the same time creating a beautiful eclectic modern space. 

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1313 Comal : Sneak Peek

This week the lovely Andrea Calo shot professional photos of my latest listing. This house is pretty special, and it takes someone of her caliber to really do it justice. With that caveat I did want to share a couple shots I took while she was working her magic. The house has so much personality, both in the architectural elements and in the interior design I could go around shooting vignettes in there all day long. 

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Skout : real estate done right

If you read my last newsletter then you probably already know that I recently made a big announcement. After years of looking around at real estate firms in Austin, I finally found one I wanted to be a part of. As of Dec 1st I officially joined the team at Skout. So what made me want to join them? You did actually. For me real estate is all about being able to meet my clients needs best. With that in mind I wanted to be part of a company that truly understands the importance of design and has the experience and resources to be able to best help my clients buy and sell well designed spaces.

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2015 AIA Homes Tour

I love homes tours as much as the next guy, maybe even more. As a realtor I literally walk through hundreds of modern and MCM homes in Austin every year, and every time I do I'm looking and learning. The 10 homes picked for this years AIA Austin Home tour are the cream of the crop and I'm excited to dig into them and see what there is to be found. Here are the top 3 picks (in no particular order) that I'll be visiting this year, and why they caught my eye. 

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Coming Soon : Agave with a pool

If you know Agave, you already know that the neighborhood is a one of a kind. There is nowhere else in Austin where you can find an entire community of well designed modern homes at such a good price point. 

I'm super excited to give a sneak peek of my newest listing coming soon in Agave. Among all those great houses there is only one with a pool, and it will be for sale early next week. It's a pretty great pool too. The kind you would want to throw a summertime soiree at or film a commercial. The rest of the house doesn't disappoint either. Designed by Earl Swisher of the Lawrence Group it has a fantastic layout with an open kitchen / living room area that makes it perfect for entertaining and has the added bonus of some breathtaking views.

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The (true) cost of building a home

This post has been a long time coming. So long in fact you may have forgotten where we started from. So let's do a brief recap.

Two years ago my wife and I decided we wanted to build a modern home in East Austin, and we started looking for land.

16 months ago, we bought the house we are currently living in. Mostly we bought it for the lot, and the amazing tree, but we figured we would do a quick superficial remodel to it so we could live in it and save money while we designed our home. You can see the before and after photos of the remodel here

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At Risk : 2 A.D. Stenger homes slated for demo

This week I learned that not one, but two homes designed and built by Austin mid century modern architect A. D. Stenger have requested demo permits from the city of Austin. The first, located at 1908 Airole Way and pictured above, may look familiar. That's because it was for sale just earlier this year. You can see my feature of it here. Clearly the big draw for the new owner was the .45 acres that the home sits on, and not the amazingly original mid century modern home. The crazy thing is that it even ended up selling for more than $100,000 over asking price! The home was originally built in 1950, making it one of the first Stenger homes to be built in Austin.

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Your life, your space : 5413 Agatha

A home is so much more than just four walls and a roof. It's a place where you carve out your little space in this world and fill it full of memories. It's where you return at the end of a work day or the end of an adventure. It's where friends meet, glasses clink and laughter comes easy. Where you choose to carve out that space is one the biggest choices we make in life. 

This is the first in many future posts that peels back the curtains and takes a peek inside not just someone's space, but someone's life. This one happens to be inside the home for sale at 5413 Agatha in Agave, where the adorable couple that lives there have managed to create a place that truly represents them and their lives. The next chapter in their life is taking them away from this fine city. What would your life look like in their space?

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5413 Agatha : Welcome Home

If you have been following me for a while, by now you have surely heard me rave about Agave. If you are new here, let me summarize. Agave truly is Austin's only modern neighborhood. Sure there are pockets of modern homes in other parts of the city, but here you can walk for blocks and only see modern homes. In 50 years people will look at Agave like we do Eichler neighborhoods now. The homes are all amazing, architect designed, and best of all affordable. Located just 6 miles from downtown, or even better a short, easy (no traffic) 10 min drive to all the good stuff on the east side.

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Agave : New Construction

If you are looking for a modern home at an affordable price, it's hard to beat Agave. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of turn over out there, so that means inventory can be a bit limited, until now. If y'all remember, there are lots of vacant lots out at Agave. The original developer has financial issues, so those lot have been held by the bank until recently. Now a new developer has stepped up and is getting ready to break ground on a new round of homes. The first 6 should begin construction in the next month or so, and depending on sales hopefully there will be many more to follow. There are still nearly 200 empty lots out there 

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