Stenger Diamond in the Rough

For those that follow me on instagram, or are part of my A. D. Stenger facebook group you probably heard about and saw the latest Stenger home to hit the market. For the rest of you I wanted to share a couple quick photos I took of the house when I walked through it a few days ago. It's a real diamond in the rough with lots and lots of potential. 

It was designed and built by Stenger in 1960 and later received an addition in 1980 by David Voelter. It's split level floor plan is identical to a few other homes I've been in that were designed by Stenger. Two bedrooms upstairs and two bedrooms downstairs with the kitchen and living room in the middle. A large stacked limestone fireplace sits between the kitchen and the living room providing a dramatic but functional divider.

While is obviously needs a lot of work done on the interior, most of the surfaces should be easy to work with. The floors are all original terrazzo, and while there is a good amount of discoloration from years of use I imagine they will polish up nicely. The rest of the public spaces all have rock wall or wood paneling, so not much needed to do their either. Of course like any old house the kitchens and bedrooms will need a full gut job, but that's to be expected. 

AD Stenger Boat House-2.jpg

The living room has a great indoor outdoor connection with three sliding glass door sections that lead out to a massive deck that overlooks the .4 acre site. Right now the back yard is in a pretty natural state but I'm sure a good landscape architect could work some magic back there. Check out the listing here for info on price, size etc. Contact me if you would like to check it out.