A.D. Stenger (1920-2002)

Photo courtesy of Riley Triggs http://stenger.rileytriggs.com

Photo courtesy of Riley Triggs http://stenger.rileytriggs.com

Arthur Dallas Stenger better known as A.D. Stenger is perhaps one of Austin's better known residential architects, an impressive feat for someone that dropped out of UT prior to graduating.  A.D. Stenger was not one to follow the traditional path however.  He was innovative, had strong opinions and wasn't afraid to do things his own way.  In 1950 he passed his architectural exams just prior to graduating the University of Texas School of Architecture. The demand for post war housing was high, and he was ready to work.

Stenger was more than just an Architect however, he also a builder, and a successful entrepreneur. He has been often compared to Eichler who during the same period of time was busy developing large modern subdivisions in California.  While the comparison is a fair one, Eichler and Stenger do have several large differences. First off Eichler was not actually an architect at all, just a savvy real estate developer who employed multiple architects who designed very similar houses for him. Eichler often times used exact floor plans of houses next to each other simply switching up orientation and rooflines to make them look unique. Stenger on the other hand built his houses one at a time often working on them himself. While there were occasional duplicates, the vast majority of the over 100 homes he built in the Austin area were completely unique. We find the highest concentration of Stenger homes in three neighborhoods he developed, South Lund Park, Ridgewood Village and Stenger Addition. These areas were picked by Stenger as they were originally outside of city limits, giving him less restriction as to what he was able to build. 

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I have compiled a list of 50+ A.D. Stenger homes in the area and keep a close eye on them. If you are interested in purchasing a Stenger home please contact me. Alternately if you already own an A.D. Stenger home please consider joining the A.D. Stenger FB group to connect with other owners in the Austin area.

What does aN A.D. Stenger designed home look like?

Here are a few from my list:


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