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A Mid Century Masterpiece

Last week I gave a little teaser of my latest listing. The "Butterfly House" designed by A. D. Stenger is sincerely one of my favorite homes in Austin. and here's why. First off, I'm going to assume you are already familiar with Arthur Dallas Stenger. He was a bit of a radical and a visionary and he built a lot of beautiful homes in Austin in the 50's and 60's. This particular one stands out however thanks to its unique roof line. I've heard the inspiration came from a similar roof on the old Austin airport which was designed by another notable firm Fehr and Granger.  

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Home Tour : Austin Through the Ages

In case you missed it in my newsletter last week, tomorrow, May 2nd, is Preservation Austin's annual home tour. The theme is Austin through the age's and there will be home feature from the 1870's to the 1960's. Of particular interest is the Butterfly House designed by A. D. Stenger and featured in Dwell magazine. That one house itself is worth the price of entry ($25-$35).

I'll also be collecting tickets in front of another 1960's home on River Road for a few hours. Make sure you come say hi.


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A.D. Stenger

I've been thinking a lot about A.D. Stenger recently. He built over 100 homes here in Austin, and I always wonder how many of them are still around. So I started making a list. A lot of them are pretty easy to find, many were built in 3 main neighborhoods, but some are a bit trickier.  So far a have just over 50 documented, and hope to be adding more soon. I've also added a little A.D. Stenger section to my modern resources section of my website, and started up an A.D. Stenger group on Facebook for Stenger owners and fans. Also, if you haven't already, make sure you check out the website Riley Triggs has on Stenger as well. Great information there.

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432 Ridgewood

We featured this house a few weeks ago when it first came on the market, but it's worth revisiting for a few reasons. First, they've gotten some professional photo's up, so the voyeurism is so much more satisfying. Second, it's not that often that an A.D. Stenger home comes on the market. It's true that they are available more often than other prominent MCM architects (he did build over 100 homes over the years) but it's still a special thing. Plus, I think that they've done a particularly good job with the interior remodel on this one. Check it out.

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