1313 Comal : Sneak Peek

UPDATE! See the full write up and photos here.

This week the lovely Andrea Calo shot professional photos of my latest listing. This house is pretty special, and it takes someone of her caliber to really do it justice. With that caveat I did want to share a couple shots I took while she was working her magic. The house has so much personality, both in the architectural elements and in the interior design I could go around shooting vignettes in there all day long. 

The interior space was designed by local architect Alan Gonzalez. You may remember him from his drool worthy home that was featured on Apartment Therapy (and my blog) a while ago. I love Alan's approach to design. He's a modernist and out of the box thinker, and he always manages to bring so much personality to a space. He creates spaces that he loves, not ones that are mass marketable or meant to have a broad appeal. Seeing this space actually makes me miss my old house a little bit, only this one is so much better. Speaking of better, have you ever seen a better bathroom? Every time I step foot in there it's like I'm transported back to Tulum or some super chic off the radar design spot in Mexico. 

I'll be doing pre-MLS showings next week before it goes live. If you want to check out Andrea's gorgeous photos and get pricing information or a showing before next weekend, you know what to do. Contact me.