Starlight Village Homes

Hopefully by now you have already heard of Starlight Village. It's a new development of 30 affordable mid century modern inspired homes that is being built in Austin. Err, well, not exactly in Austin. The development is really 30 min from down town (if the traffic gods are being kind) in Leander. They've been on my radar for a long time now so I decided to make the trek north to see just how things are coming along. Here's the good news and the bad.

Good news: Progress is going well! There are close to 10 homes that are in various stages of construction, most of them are pretty far along. The architecture is good, especially for the price range. I was surprised to see quite a few two story homes which don't look nearly as mid century as the single story homes do. The builder has a good amount of experience building modern, but as this is their first foray into mid century there is a bit of a learning curve. There are some great details though, like stone exterior walls that carry inside to fireplace surrounds, lots of stacked brick and breeze block. Much like the Eichler homes that inspired the project you can get a certain floor plan with several different roof variations, ensuring that your house won't look just like your neighbors. Inside they are just starting to get to the finish details, so the next month will be really telling as far as quality and finish goes. I did spot Heath tile and period correct lighting from Hip Haven which bodes well for the rest of the finishes. One of the homes even comes with Terrazzo floors. 

Bad news: They really are out in the middle of nowhere. Like the era the design is inspired by this it's all about that suburban life. That being said there is a new Whole Foods coming to the neighborhood soon and the area is growing quickly. Just don't expect walking to an independent coffee shop to be part of your lifestyle. Pricing was originally announced at starting in the $200's but you can expect to pay $300 - $350k for most of the homes available. About that, they are going fast, so if you are interested you better reach out to me soon.