Coming soon : AD Stenger's Butterfly house

All photos by  Brent Humphreys  for  Dwell .

All photos by Brent Humphreys for Dwell.

Austin has more than it's fair share of amazing architecture both modern and mid century modern. Of those however there are a small handful that I consider to be truly unique and architecturally significant. The "Butterfly house" designed and built by local legend A. D. Stenger is one of those, and it's for sale. 

Since it's construction in 1964 the house has had a total of 3 owners, the most recent of which gave it a careful and loving update and restoration. The work was done under the expert direction of architects Rick and Cindy Black and earned the home a feature in Dwell magazine

We'll be getting an architectural photographer over there next week to shoot a fresh round of photos before officially putting it on the MLS for sale, but if you or someone you know are interested in snatching it up before then, you know what to do. Contact me.