1313 Comal : Minimal, Eclectic and For Sale

The fact that east Austin is quickly changing is not news to anyone. People want to live here, lots of people. And for good reason too. I myself wouldn't want to live anywhere else. We have amazing restaurants and bars, amazing parks and public spaces, and adorable walkable neighborhoods. Unfortunately that demand for housing is slowly changing the face of east Austin. It's inevitable, and I get that, but it does my heart good to see remodels like 1313 Comal that stay true to the funky east Austin vibe while at the same time creating a beautiful eclectic modern space. 

The secret of this space lies in it's creator, architect Alan Gonzalez. It's a perfect reflection of his life experiences translated into an interior space. As a graduate from UT school of architecture Alan is a modernist at heart, and you can see it in the simple detailing of the interior. The space is compact but extremely efficient, perhaps something he picked up during his time spent studying in Japan. It's with a space like this that realtor catch phrases like "lives large!" go from insincere hyperbole to simple truth. It's not the efficiency of the space that leaves the largest impact on me however, it's the character. This is not a home that was built with builder grade, off the shelf parts. It's well thought out and hand crafted. It is the use of simple materials, metal, glass, stone, juxtaposed with bright color or texture that give the space richness and a sense of authenticity. It reminds me of homes I've visited in Morocco or Merida. Somehow minimal and modern, but not stark or cold. Something impressive considering the house is predominantly white. It's a skill I suspect Alan picked up while living abroad in Mexico and other countries. 


Last week I shared a few peeks into the home and mentioned that my photos just couldn't do the space justice. The amazing photos above were taken by the talented Andrea Calo and prove just how right I was. Luckily her photos do an amazing job of capturing the beauty and spirit of the house. You can see the rest of the photos via the link below. 

1313 Comal St, A : Listing details and more photos