One of the things that I love about Austin is what a tight knit community it is. Generally speaking people look out for each other, and genuinely want to see other succeed. This couldn't be truer when it comes to small business owners. In fact that is exactly how Sunroom came into existence. Lucy Jolis and her fiancé had moved back to Austin after a stint in NYC. Lucy was running a successful Etsy shop full of vintage wear, but it had been her dream for years to have a brick and mortar store. That's when she got the message from a friend and client that runs Headdress. There was a small space opening up next door, and she thought it would be perfect for Lucy.

One short month later Lucy was able to remodel the space, pull together some inventory, and open the store. Thanks to some good word of mouth advertising and a wicked eye for fashion, one year later business is good and the list of amazing designers you can find at Sunroom is growing. "The hardest thing initially was trying to get some of the designers to sell to me." says Lucy. "The are real picky about where their products are sold, which I love about them, but at first it was hard to convince them that what I was doing was going to meet the high standard." That's not the problem anymore. Sunroom has caught the attention of lots of people, designers and shoppers alike, and boasts an impressive collection of boutique brands like Dezso by Sara Beltran, Margaux Lonnberg, and local Esby to name a few.  Don't think that Sunroom is just for the ladies either. I picked up my summer swim trunks there a few weeks ago, and the peshtemals, that they import from a father/son operation in Turkey, are favorites in our house. 

If you haven't had a chance to check out Sunroom, get your buns in there. Speaking of buns, grab a swimmy while you're there, you won't regret it.