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One of the things that I love about Austin is what a tight knit community it is. Generally speaking people look out for each other, and genuinely want to see other succeed. This couldn't be truer when it comes to small business owners. In fact that is exactly how Sunroom came into existence. Lucy Jolis and her fiancé had moved back to Austin after a stint in NYC. Lucy was running a successful Etsy shop full of vintage wear, but it had been her dream for years to have a brick and mortar store. That's when she got the message from a friend and client that runs Headdress. There was a small space opening up next door, and she thought it would be perfect for Lucy.

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Northern Grade

Conveniently timed over Fathers day weekend comes the grandaddy of all men's fashion pop ups, Northern Grade. Even if you haven't heard of any of the brands that will be there (and I seriously hope you have) you know it's going to be good based solely on the sponsor (Stag) and the food / drink lineup (Bulleit Bourbon neat anyone?). For two days only this international roving market of USA made goods and gear will be setting up shop at the Fair Market, 1100 East 5th Street. If there is a dad in your life, you pretty much can't go wrong picking up a little gift here. In case you don't believe me, I've conveniently linked to all the goodness below. Start clicking, and see you this weekend. 

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