Nile Delta DJ Set

Have I mentioned yet how much I'm in love with Friends & Neighbors? No, well it's about time I did. This East Austin shop has a little bit of everything, from clothing (boys, girls and kids. Oh and lingerie) to coffee. They are my go to for some stump town beans, and a refreshing sangria or shrub on the porch. Look for a full write up on them in the future. 

In the mean time get your calendar out and pencil in for a little back yard DJ set tomorrow. Before Nile Delta plays a show with Cut Copy at Stubbs, he'll be doing a free DJ set at Friends & Neighbors. It's the perfect opportunity to see just why I love the place so much. Make sure you come say hey to me too. 

See you there!


When: June 21st, 5:00 - 7:00

Where: Friends & Neighbors

Who: Nile Delta, you and me. 

Why: Why not?

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