Blackshear Project: Pool Time!

I like water. A lot. When I was a kid I could spend an entire summer day splashing around in a pool, and things haven't changed much. So when it comes to my house, I've always wanted a pool. Of course with the current temporary project, there is no way we could justify the cost of a real pool, unless said pool was a 30" deep 10'  wide kiddie pool that we picked up on clearance last year for $35. That is totally justifiable. Combine that with the large pile of sand that was mysteriously sitting in the middle of our back yard, and my new swimsuit from Sunroom (more on that Friday) and our outdoor game has totally stepped up a level. 

Turns out when it comes to doing childish things like cannonballs and handstands, 30" is all you need. Swim party anyone?