Taking shape

I just looked back at my post from a month ago when our house had just gotten framed up, and I'm surprised at how much progress we've made. It's that awkward time where almost every day something new happens, but it doesn't feel like we are making any real progress. The reality is things are moving right along. All the rough plumbing is done, as is all the rough HVAC. Three of our sliding glass doors have been installed and the big pocket sliding door should go in next week. The roof is done, and the walls have been sheathed and waterproofed. When I list it all out like that it seems like a lot has happened. Most exciting though is the fact that the house and the spaces inside are starting to take shape. Let me give you a little tour.

The first photo is the view of the back of the house from the inner courtyard. Every time I look at it all I can see is a big smiley face like the one on the right. It's bit hard to get an idea of scale without a person in the picture, but to give you an idea that tall skinny window is 23' tall. The sliding glass doors on the upper terrace are 8' tall as is that big hole below that will soon be filled with a glass pocket door. Below is the view from the afore mentioned terrace, which incidentally is quickly becoming my favorite place in the house. You can see the pool house / office / guest house and attached car port. I'm super excited to for our pecan tree to leaf out and to see a pool down there instead of piles of dirt.

The inside is taking shape too. Closest to the interior courtyard is one big room that will serve as kitchen, dining room and living room. This shot is looking from the kitchen toward the living room where the ceiling height pops up to 20' tall. The big opening on the right is an 8' tall 12' wide glass door that is separated into three panels and stacks up inside an adjacent wall. Having that huge opening will allow us to have a strong connection with the outside. You can see the view out that door below. Obviously we're going to need to step out our landscaping game, we've got some big plans for that too.