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Morocco Recap : Part 3 - Fez

This week is the third and final recap of my trip to Morocco. We spent the last 4 days in the city of Fez. Talk to any Moroccan and they will tell you Fez is the heart of Morocco. It was immediately apparent as soon as we arrived that this was a city with nothing to prove. While I expected the same hard-sale hustle we experienced in the souks of Marrakesh, Fez proved to be much different. Don't get me wrong, the actually haggling was just as intense with opening prices often being 10 times what I ended up paying in the end, but here you were much more at ease to come and go at shops without feeling pressured to buy.

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Morocco Recap : Part 2 - Desert and Ocean

While the first part of our Morocco trip was all about getting lost in the city and the culture, the second part was more about relaxing. We scheduled an overnight glamping trip with Scarabeo Camp. It wasn't true desert camping as it is only located a short drive outside of Marrakesh, but we didn't have time to go to the Sahara. Despite it being a faux desert the camp itself was absolutely stunning. 

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Morocco Recap : Part 1 - Marrakech

If you remember from my earlier post, the whole point of going to Morocco was to gather inspiration for the construction of our home this summer. I fully expected to go there and find new inspiration I would want to incorporate into our house. Instead I found the backstory to all the design cues that Bercy Chen had incorporated into our design. I can honestly say I left the country with way more appreciation for the work Bercy Chen has done.

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Insta Modern

I've been on Instagram for 193 weeks, but despite the fact that it is for social media, I've kept my account private from everyone but close friends. Now that I'm about to embark on a epic journey through Morocco for two weeks, I figured it would be a good time go public. CreedeFitch, my public profile, is officially on Instagram.

For the next two weeks things on my Austin Modern Homes blog will be pretty quite, so follow me on Instagram, and I promise not be lame. 

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