Morocco Recap : Part 2 - Desert and Ocean

While the first part of our Morocco trip was all about getting lost in the city and the culture, the second part was more about relaxing. We scheduled an overnight glamping trip with Scarabeo Camp. It wasn't true desert camping as it is only located a short drive outside of Marrakesh, but we didn't have time to go to the Sahara. Despite it being a faux desert the camp itself was absolutely stunning. 


From the desert we drove west towards the coast. Along the way we saw Argan Oil cooperatives where local women harvest and grind the Argan nuts by hand. They weren't the only one picking Argan nuts though, these goats would climb the trees to eat the nuts off the branches. 

Our first day at the ocean we spent in Essaouira a mellow little beach town popular with local tourists. We were there for two nights, and had some of the best seafood of the trip hands down. At the plaza next to the shore you could walk right up to the fish stands, point to the various fresh caught fish you wanted to eat, and then haggle on price. They would grill them up for you right on the spot. I was so busy eating and relaxing this is about the only picture I took there. 

From there we went north towards El Jadida where we would eventually catch a train to Fez. Before that we had a chance to explore some of the European architectural influence in early Morocco. We stayed in the Hotel L'Iglesia which is inside a 19th century Spanish church. The decor inside is a quirky mix of mid century modern and antiques all sourced in Morocco. 

Next door to the hotel in the oldest part of the city was also a Portuguese Cistern that was built in 1514. While it is no longer in use, they do keep a few inches of water in it for dramatic effect.