5413 Agatha : Welcome Home

If you have been following me for a while, by now you have surely heard me rave about Agave. If you are new here, let me summarize. Agave truly is Austin's only modern neighborhood. Sure there are pockets of modern homes in other parts of the city, but here you can walk for blocks and only see modern homes. In 50 years people will look at Agave like we do Eichler neighborhoods now. The homes are all amazing, architect designed, and best of all affordable. Located just 6 miles from downtown, or even better a short, easy (no traffic) 10 min drive to all the good stuff on the east side. Convinced? If not, maybe it's about time you pay Agave a visit and drink some of the Kool Aid. 

This particular house has all that goodness, but totally takes it to the next level. The current owners clearly have an eye for design (typical for a neighborhood full of artists and musicians) and have poured a lot into this home. I'm an absolute sucker for the bold wallpaper, and they even nail the little details like making the pattern transition when it wraps around the corner and changes colors. The same level of detail went into a $20,000 kitchen overhaul recently that includes all new tile work, countertops, and on and on. 

Those are just the little details,. the icing on the cake. If you zoom out and look at the home as a whole, it's just brilliant. The unique floor plan has the main living space on the second floor, which affords you panoramic views that look all the way to downtown. No worries about anyone building in your view either, those houses are already there and are just extra eye candy without blocking the vista. The open floor plan kitchen living area with 1/2 bath makes for an ideal place to entertain. You can go ahead and start planning your move in party, in fact there is a good chance that when you move in the neighborhood will throw a "welcome to our block" party, just because they are cool like that. Still not convinced? Here are some of the things the owners love about their home.

  •  Amazing sunset views every night. The huge western facing living room windows provides a 180+ degree vista, so  literally every night of the year you can watch the sunsets. Unlike many Agave homes, all the properties adjacent to and across from 5413 Agatha are built, so your views are 100% "future proof." 
  •  Fully remodeled kitchen (2 months ago) done with Treehouse, the best Austin-local home improvement store. Approx. $20k spent.
  •  Fireclay "Paseo" black tile on one entire wall, above the existing awesome 6-burner stove, as well as repeating pattern in white below the elevated bar. 
  • Kohler 'vault' stainless steel farm sink with ultra modern faucet.
  • 3cm counter tops in a clean, crisp Caestone "blizzard" offwhite color
  • Updated and replaced Ikea cabinet doors & walls, all in white
  • 100% Xeriscaped; dark gray gravel in front, and pea gravel on the back and sides. You'll save a ton of money not having to pay landscapers and not fighting the losing annual battle against the Texas sun wastefully irrigating. The yards are a great 'canvass' to put down various hardy plants; e,g, we had a front yard full of lavender plants for a couple of years, they bloomed beautifully! The peagravel in the fenced-in backyard is perfect for doggies and little kids to play on. 
  • Wifi signal stays strong throughout the entire home. 
  • Many neighbors are in creative and technology fields, they are super friendly and well connected. 
  • Being a community where ALL the homes are modern is ideal for those who love this style because you aren't just occupying one modern house built into in a traditional neighborhood. Instead, you're both living the dream and constantly being inspired by looking out your window and walking around these amazing blocks. It's a true community of like-minded individuals when it comes to great design and modern living sensibilities. 
  • Living room furniture is negotiable! 

Want to find out more? Give me a call to set up a personal tour of the space. 512-954-1777

Price: $379,000

Details: 2,110 sq/ft, 3 Bed, 3 Bath

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