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SXSJ 2015

Nope, that's not a typo. South by San Jose (SXSJ) is the annual music festival put on by the fine folks at Hotel San Jose. I'm typically not to excited to jump into the SX madness, but I find SXSJ to be just the right amount of crazy for me. While the idea of heading to South Congress during SX seems like a bad idea, rolling up to Hotel San Jose on a bike actually makes for a pretty stress free experience. Sure you'll probably have to lock up a block or so away, but then it's just an easy stroll over to the parking lot for some free music, cold beer and of course, a little people watching. The full lineup for this years festival can be seen on the Facebook event page. While I haven't heard of a bunch of the musicians, I can say that the Golden Dawn Arkestra usually puts on a show not to be missed. 

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