Slow Food : Slow Roasted Pig


There are few things that I love more than a good modern house, but slow roasted pig may be one of those things. The Slow Food movement is close to my heart (my parents make cheese) and I've always loved their events. So when there is a pig roast, you better believe I'll be there.  


Thursday, September 19,  6:00 pm -  9:00 pm

LocationBarr Mansion, 10463 Sprinkle Rd – Austin, TX 78754

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The event is going to be a fun evening of mixing, mingling and getting to know the people who are key to creating and supporting our local food system. Come meet the hard working small business owners that are changing our food scene for the better, the community members that are supporting them by dining at their restaurants or buying their goods at the markets and local grocery stores and the everyday people that are investing their 1% to help ensure that these businesses have the capital they need to thrive.