Rosewood Community Market


Sometimes the old becomes new again. Case in point: Rosewood Community Market is a true neighborhood grocery store. Something that has been a bit of a dying breed over the years, slowly being replaced by the sprawling parking lots of your "local" super grocery store. With that loss of a neighborhood grocery store came a loss of a connection to your food, and your neighborhood. 

Fortunately for East Austin, Rosewood Community Market is bring back the old ways. And while the intersection of Rosewood and Chicon isn't exactly the first place you would think of going for fresh local produce, meats and other groceries, it should be. That's because Rosewood Community Market has partnered with over 20 of their favorite local farms and food friends and packed it all into one cozy little corner market. 

Rosewood may be an old school store, but they are open to changing with the times. They've recently added a delicious lineup of sandwiches and wraps as well as juices into the mix, making it the perfect place to grab a quick bite at lunch. 

Perhaps one of the best things about the market however is the community aspect. I met two friendly new people while I was there and had a great conversation about the neighborhood while I was waiting for my fresh sammy to be ready. 

Rosewood is taking that community engagement (and responsibility) to the next level soon. They will be launching an indiegogo campaign to raise funds as they transition over to a co-op grocery store. That means now is the perfect moment for you to get involved in your community. Check out their website here, and keep your eyes open for the upcoming indiegogo campaign. And to all my East Side friends, hope to run into you shopping next time I'm there.