When it comes to houses and talking about good "design" I'm totally in my element. I'm happy to chat with anyone for hours about baseboard details, honest use of materials, and the golden union of form and function. When it comes to fashion though I'm not nearly as comfortable. Over the years my wife has been slowly shepherding me from a cargo short wearing Utahn, to someone you wouldn't be totally embarrassed to stand next to at a fashion event. So when my wife tells me that she has never walked into Olive (part of the Rosewood Collective) without seeing something that she wanted to buy, I pay attention. 


It's no coincidence that Olive is chock full of fashion no brainers. At the helm is Laura Uhlir, a photographer, stylist, and vintage collector (among other things). Even to my hazy fashion eye, it's apparent that Laura has an impeccable ability to blend carefully curated vintage clothes with up and coming independent local and national designers and jewelers. The fact that almost everything she is wearing can be bought in the store speaks volumes. "I wouldn't sell anything I wouldn't wear"  she comments as I note 1/2 hour into our interview that she has stacks of Hey Murphy goods on. 


It makes me feel good that places like this exist. Especially around Christmas when the stakes are high for me to get something special for my lady for the holidays. After all, that's the whole point of a local brick and mortar right? A place that you can go when you want to talk to a expert before committing to buy. And in case you were wondering, I picked up a dead stock gold snake ring for my wife, and yes, she loves it.

Thanks Laura! I couldn't have done it without you.