Nannie Inez : Modern, whimsical, playful.


Deeyn Rhodes describes her store as "A vibe that's modern but a little more whimsical and playful". Thinking about that description it suddenly occurs to me that her ability to describe the spirit of Nannie Inez is just as bang-on as her ability to pick out good design. 

In an internet driven world with Pinterest and Tumblr and blogs, everyone can curate their idea of good design. Having a store however, takes that to a whole new level. From the first time I walked into Nannie Inez I was impressed with her collection of goods. What is most impressive about it to me, is Deeyn doesn't just follow the popular blogs to put together her purchasing list, she actually gets out there and finds the good stuff. You know, like in the real world. Not online.

Case in point. The first time I saw Hay furniture was in Paris a few years ago. I loved it, and was surprised I had never seen it stateside, or even online really. Deeyn probably felt the same way when she first saw it as well, but she went one step further, she imported it for her store. In fact, she is the ONLY store in the US to carry Hay. The story is similar with Another Country, a new line of furniture that she will be caring in the near future. She also carries other lines that aren't necessarily exclusive to her shop, but we are lucky to have in Austin such as Volk furniture which has been a long time favorite of mine. 

Do you get where I am going with this? We are SUPER lucky to have such an amazing design store in our community. If you have never been in the store to visit, do yourself a favor and get in there. If you have been there before and liked what you see, get back in there and support them by buying local. Tell Deeyn I sent you. :)

Nannie Inez

2210 S. First St.
Unit M
Austin, TX 78704
P: 512 428 6639