House of St. Clair


I have a confession to make, I’ve been holding out on you. It’s partly because I’m lazy, and partly because I’ve wanted to keep it all to myself. It’s time to come clean though and introduce you to House of St. Clair. I’m not a particularly fashionable guy, but I’ve always thought that menswear is feeling fairly stagnant these days. That’s exactly what got me so excited about HOSC. They take deep inspiration from the past (like their Detroit influenced fall winter collection) but execute everything with a contemporary twist.


The brand has been around for some time now but their brick and mortar on the corner of 12th and Chicon is fairly new. Inside you will find their latest collection as well as a variety of antique objects, books and jewelry all of which are for sale. I strongly recommend you follow them on instagram to find out when new styles are coming in. The production runs are limited and they can run out of stock. Also, keep close eye out for sales, they do have some incredible deals (did I mention you should follow them on instagram?).