Figure 8 Coffee Purveyors

The north/south corridor of Chicon street in East Austin has had it's ups and downs. Businesses like the now shuttered Rosewood Community Market and East Village Cafe looked like they would bring a new vibrancy to the area. While it's unfortunate to see they weren't able to make it, its refreshing to see a new group of business owners having their go at it. 

Figure 8 coffee purveyors has now moved into the old East Village Cafe, and besides a complete interior renovation of the space, they've also brought with them some serious coffee expertise. The shop is run by Ryan Hall and Kathleen Carmichael formerly of Houndstooth and Cenote and features the ever so delicious Tweed Coffee roasted right here in Texas. 

I've dropped in a few times in the past few weeks since they have opened, and I've been impressed by the delicious drinks (latte, cortado and americano all made to perfection) and by the seemingly immediate success. They manage to keep a consistent crowd of people both dropping by to meet with a friend, or set up shop and get some work done. This morning as I was hammering out my weekly newsletter, I was delighted to find out that they have also recently added breakfast tacos to their repertoire. Perfection.

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