If you get my newsletter you have probably heard me mention Esby a few times in the past. They are a local clothing brand founded in 2014 by Stephanie Beard. Stephanie comes from a background of designing menswear for major brands and started Esby to focus on quality clothing for men and women with a menswear mentality. Meaning these clothes are made to be comfortable, durable and worn often. 

Savvy ladies likely already know about Esby and their incredibly comfortable and stylish offerings. Despite Stephanie's background in menswear they have historically had a strong focus on womenswear. The good news for all the men in my life is that their menswear collection is getting bigger every year. 


As the summer months start to creep in and the temperatures rise I automatically start grabbing for anything linen in my closet. Esby has some great options, everything from short sleeve button down linen shirts to my favorite linen t-shirt. The quality on everything is fantastic and best of all you will be supporting a local business. About that last part, I have a confession. As much as I love the clothes I have to admit the people are my favorite. From Steph on down, everyone that works at the shop are salt of the earth. It's probably the only shop I could wander into and spend an hour just shooting the shit. So if you haven't already checked them out, swing on in. Tell them hi from me. :)

The team