Barbecue confessionals

When it comes to barbecue Texas takes itself very seriously. Here barbecue is all about beef brisket and when it comes to brisket Franklins is king. I'm not here to dispute any of that, what I am here to do is to make a confession. I love ribs. Delicious, falling off the bone, smothered in barbecue sauce ribs. I'm not alone obviously and most of the well known barbecue places in town offer ribs as well, but if you are looking to avoid the lines and get some finger licking delicious smoked meats, there are some new kids in town to help you out. Meet J. Leonardi's Barbeque.

When I say new kids I don't really mean new. These are local Austinites that have been smoking meat for years and are just now venturing into the food truck scene. They carved out a nice little space for themselves just off of Airport road and Oak Springs rd.  You can see their whole menu here. I've been a few times and I can definitely recommend the ribs and the smoked cabbage (a family recipe). 

J Leonardi's BBQ-6.jpg