Barton D. "Pat" Riley 

Riley studied architecture at University of Texas with other well known local architects like A. D. Stenger, and earned a degree in architecture in 1950. After graduating he went on to work with several prestigious Austin firms before eventually going out on his own. Initially he partnered with Emil Niggli to form Niggli & Riley. Due to Niggli's death, Riley went out on his own and in 1963 formed Barton D. Riley, AIA, and Associates. Although he focused on residential architecture, Riley also designed numerous office and municipal buildings around Austin and the state.

Some of the major non residential buildings include:

St. John's Elementary School]  , Photograph, December 22, 1972 Photo via:

St. John's Elementary School], Photograph, December 22, 1972 Photo via:

  • Texas Motor Transportation Building, Austin, 1956
  • St. John’s Elementary, Austin, 1958
  • School of the Deaf, Austin, 1954-57
  • LCRVA Building, Austin, 1951

In addition to his private practice, Riley also taught architectural engineering at the University of Texas, influencing a new generation of architects and engineers.

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