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4610 Sinclair

This 1940’s home was taken down to the studs and modernized in every sense of the word. I love that they kept the same simple roof line for the entire structure but carved into the volume of the facade to create a sheltered entrance and back porch. I also love the juxtaposition of the minimalist architecture and the maximalist interiors. A+

Price: $850,000

Details: 1,230 sqft, 2 Bed, 2 Bath

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4611 Chiappero

This 1953 house has seen an extensive remodel, so much so you have to squint a bit to see any of the 50's left in it. Open your eyes wide though and you'll see lot of great new stuff. Being a cabinetry snob, any time I see grain matched cabinetry I know that they probably went the extra mile on the other details as well. 

Price: $995,000

Details: 2,542 sq. ft.  4 Bed, 3 Bath

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5001 Shoal Creek

This H+UO designed house follows on the ever more common theme of a traditional two story home done in a modern vernacular. It's a theme we are seeing more and more of, and in my opinion it's a good thing. The interior is also on trend with light wide plank flooring and airy open spaces. That, plus a great central location help it add up to a price tag just north of a million dollars.

Price: $1,100,000

Details: 3,456 sq. ft.  3 Bed, 4 Bath

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4013 Lewis #B

I talk a lot about "material pallets" when describing homes. It's things like flooring, tile, brick etc that make up the appearance of a place. They are generally costly to replace, so when you find a place like this where the material pallet is spot on, it's a bit bonus. I really love visual texture that the brick give the interior spaces as well. Very nicely done. 

Price: $839,900

Details: 2,196 sq. ft.  2 Bed, 2 Bath

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1502 W 39 1/2 ST

It's easy to think about architecture as just internal spaces. On this house however, it's clear that architect Paul Lamb put just as much thought to the outdoor spaces, their connection to the house, and how to keep them private. I always admire those that dare to step a bit outside of the standard box, something that this house does quite literally. 

Price: $585,000

Details: 1,498 sq. ft.  3 Bed, 2 Bath

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4103 Shoal Creek

I'm always interested to see how well aesthetically speaking a house holds up to the test of time. While the bamboo floors and maple cabinetry date this house a bit, overall it stands up pretty well. Bonus: Price just dropped $50k.

Price: $799,000

Details: 2,024 sq/ft, 3 Bed, 3 Bath

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