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948 E 38 1/2

When I lived in Salt Lake City there were loads of these brick tudor homes. Though much more rare here in Austin I still have a soft spot in my heart for them. This architect remodeled home does a great job of modernizing the interiors while at the same time highlighting the classic architectural features like all those amazing arches.

Price: $799,900

Details: 2,399 sf, 4 Bed, 3 Bath

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4106 Ave D

Just this morning I was saying that if I had it to do all over again I would want to buy a bungalow with a modern interior, then this popped up. Coincidence? Maybe, or maybe not. Either way I have a hunch I could be more than happy in this house (as soon as I added a pool).

Price: $1,249,999

Details: 2,533 sf, 5 Bed, 4 Bath

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5018 Ave F

I posted about this one a bit over a year ago. I called it out for having lot’s of character, though it was pretty rough around the edges. The good news is that since then it’s gotten a complete remodel updating all the essentials. A bit of the character has been lost, but is’t still a pretty great house, and I suspect it is much more live-able now.

Price: $600,000

Details: 1,215 sqft, 2 Bed, 2 Bath

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3805 Red River

Hopefully this house needs no introduction. This historic art deco (or moderne) house was quite the hot button issue a few years ago and its fate was uncertain. Luckily it’s still here and remarkably intact inside and out. Despite the busy intersection it sits on it would be a fantastic candidate for a full restoration. Any takers?

Price: $725,000

Details: 1,928 sqft, 3 Bed, 3 Bath

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