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1101 Canyon Edge

This is a really nice project from Tom Hurt. It’s not just about the looks with this one either, thanks to SIP’s, solar panels and more this one is easy on the environment as well. I’m surprised to see something so forward thinking built in 2005. Great value in this one too.

Price: $899,000

Details: 2,316 sf, 3 Bed, 2 Bath

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2906 Edgewater

They say good things don't come cheap, and there is a lot of good here. Besides the 1.8+ acres and 220' of waterfront there is also the beautiful and minimals home that somehow makes 3,300 square feet and a 3 car garage look well proportioned and un-obscene. Then there are those views. Lord have mercy.

Price: $5,300,000

Details: 3,325 sqft, 4 Bed, 5 Bath

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810 N Tumbleweed : Alterstudio

Man, there is something about this Alter Studio designed house that is just really speaking to me. It makes me think of a really minimalist rural building in the countryside of Europe. The 3 million dollar price tag is a bit over my head but when you consider the 5 acres of land and all that square footage it actually starts to look like a bargain. 

Price: $3,100,000

Details: 4,444 sqft, 5 Bed, 5 Bath

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2700 De Soto

It's not unusual to see a home that looks newer than it really is, most well remodeled mid century modern homes are a good example of that. This house however actually looks older than it is. Not in a bad way though. It was built in 2002, which admittedly was a time when there wasn't a lot of modern going around, but I could swear it looks like some early 90's contemporary. Either way, I'm always happy to see something with that timeless modern look. 

Price: $525,000

Details: 1,879 sq. ft.  2 Bed, 2 Bath

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