3805 Tower View

Here's a little something for everyone. Need 3 bedrooms, unit #1 priced at $530k has you covered. Think two is more than enough, unit #2 has your back for just $390k. It looks like unit #2 is one of the first accessory units that is taking advantage of the new zoning allowing up to 1,100 sqft. That is a huge bump up from the old 850 sqft rule. Makes the space so much more livable. It also helps keep the price down for unit #1 as some of the overall sqft gets taken from that one. 

Price: $530k and $390k

Details: #1 1,750 sqft. 3 Bed, 3 Bath
#2 1,065 sqft, 2 Bed, 3 Bath

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Listing and photos courtesy of The Listing Firm