1600 Sunnyvale

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If you don't already know that East Riverside and Montopolis are the new east Austin (as far as investment goes) then you are already too late. This is a prime example of some of the gems that are over there. A few things on this one: yes, it needs updating. That's good because that means someone hasn't screwed it up yet. Besides that kitchen is still better than 90% of the spec/flipper kitchens. Second, yes $500k is a lot for east of I35, but let me ask you this where else can you get a 1/4 acre and a 2,500 sqft home within 5 minute of downtown, east Austin and South Congress for that price? 

Price: $525,000

Details: 2,574 sqft, 3 Bed, 3 Bath

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Listing and photos courtesy of Green Mango Real Esate