1005 Arthur Stiles

I'm posting this house today, not because it's the most amazing "modern" home, but more to prove a point. I sometimes get people who love the homes they see on my website, but think they will never be able to afford one. Most don't want to live outside of Austin (where it is much more affordable). There are two choices then, buy a fixer upper (see my project) or get a house that has been flipped and is still decently affordable. Case in point, this little guy looks like it has had some decent work done to it. The deep Austin location isn't bad, at least you could get to Justine's easy.  All that for under $200,000. 

Price: $181,799

Details: 1,286 sq/ft, 3 Bed, 1 Bath

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Listing and photos courtesy of Angelique Naylor