My job and my passion is helping people buy and sell homes, and while I don't work exclusively with modern and mid century modern homes, it is what I do best. I believe that healthy happy people belong in well designed spaces, and I help people find those spaces. Unfortunately there is no easy way to search a database of homes for "good design". That's why I personally look at every home that is new on the market and hand pick the ones that I would want to live in, whether it's a thoughtfully remodeled bungalow on the east side or a beautifully restored Mid Century Modern home on Balcones Drive. If you are interested to see what I find, you can sign up here to get a daily or weekly newsletter. Your email is safe with us, and we promise to only contact you as often as you want us to. 



Feel up to doing a little poking around yourself? Head on over to my Austin modern home search page to see what you can find.  You can search by area and style to find out what has hit the market recently. 



Ready to buy a home?

Congratulations! It's a very exciting time. Whether you have already been doing some sleuthing around the internet by yourself, or you are just starting to think about buying a home, the truth is in today's fast moving market you need a Realtor to get the home you want. No worries though, I've got your back. If you are ready to buy, give me a call, or fill out my buyers survey and I'll get to work finding you your dream home. 

Have a home to sell?

With everyone home shopping online these days, proper home marketing has never been more important. That means my designer eye will give you the advantage over the competition. Staging a home properly and taking high quality photo's are just the beginning step to get you the most money out of your house. I've got a few other tricks up my sleeve as well. Give me a call, I'll tell you all about it.