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7 Green

This absolutely breathtaking mid century modern home was designed by Roland Roessner and was published in Architectural Digest in 1968. Words cannot express how much I love those big 18' brutalist brick walls in the living room and the lattice brickwork about the fireplace. This home looks remarkably original and well maintained. One of a kind here folks. 

Price: $2,500,000

Details: 6,003 sq. ft. 4 Bed, 5 Bath

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1212 Castle Hill #3

I'll freely admit I'm a little obsessed with the Castle Hill condo's. They are all like those Ikea rooms that show how you could live in 400 sq. ft. This unit has a particularly good looking layout. I really like how the kitchen in tucked in the side, it would be even better if it you could close some sliding doors and it would disappear. 

Price: $275,000

Details: 491 sq. ft. Studio, 1 Bath

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