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708 W Johanna

While this one isn't some edgy out of the box design it does check all the basic boxes for me. Good indoor outdoor space, a pool, neutral interior and great location. Sometimes keeping it simple is just the best thing to do. 

Price: $1,895,000

Details: 3,205 sqft, 4 Bed, 5 Bath

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1012 Brodie #A - John Watson

Usually when I see a house like this I'm pretty skeptical about how well it's built, but know that architect John Watson was behind this one gives me confidence. He was a student of Frank Lloyd Wright and well know for his organic modernist style. It may not be for everyone, but you've got to give it points for originality. 

Price: $525,000

Details: 1,310 sqft, 2 Bedroom 1 Bathroom

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