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2509 Euclid

Sweet simplicity. This one absolutely nails it by not trying to hard. I love the white oak floors and white cabinetry. This is the sort of house that can adapt to any interior styling.

Price: $1,225,000

Details: 2,791 sqft, 3 Bed, 4 Bath

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1601 Bauerle

This is one of those house that I love for keeping it simple. It’s not the most impressive from an architecture standpoint but I appreciate that it doesn’t feel like it’s trying too hard. Keep it simple stupid. KISS.

Price: $1,300,000

Details: 2,488 sqft, 4 Bed, 3 Bath

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1225 Hillside #6

Man, it’s always a bummer when listing have in progress photos. That being said it’s been a slow week and this is better then everything else that hit the market this week. First off, location is perfect, just blocks from St Cecilia. Second the design and finish out look well done, just needs some finishing touches.

Price: $1,225,000

Details: 2,150 sqft, 3 Bed, 4 Bath

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1501 Alameda

I love a house that surprises you. From the street you would never expect this house to be as modern or as large as it really is. As always, I love all the built in cabinetry in this one. Side note; I just walked out of the poolside bathroom at the Ace New Orleans and I swear it has the exact same color pallet as the bathroom in this house.

Price: $1,200,000

Details: 2,511 sqft, 3 Bed, 3 Bath

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