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2113 Barbaro #3

Anyone looking for a vacation home at Lake Travis? This little modern cabin might just be the perfect little pied-à-terre outside of town. While the area has no shortage of amenities I’m thinking an ice cold beer and that outdoor tub might just be the perfect thing.

Price: $250,000

Details: 522 sqft, 1 Bed, 1 Bath

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19201 Secretariat

We started the week with luxury property in the style I like to call hill country modern, and that's the same way we're going to end it. While I personally prefer a small footprint, these houses are perfect for someone who likes some space. With over 5,000 sq. ft. and 1+ acres I can't imagine what more you could want. 

Price: $1,650,000

Details: 5,617 sq. ft.  5 Bed, 6 Bath

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19510 Inverness

When it come to "modern" I tend to prefer the ultra modern. I get that everyone has their own taste though, so for those that prefer the more traditional, this one is for you. The overall structure is quite modern with it's dramatic cantilevered sections. The interior has been softened by using complementary but more traditional finishes.  The views? Stunning. 

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