Thinking of moving to Austin?

Well you aren't alone. Last year Austin's population grew by over 60,000 people. While there are a lot of different reasons for the growth, the bottom line is this. It's a rad city, and it's full of lot's of friendly people. I'm just going to assume that if you are reading this, you've got your own reasons to move here. So what's it like, what makes it so great here? Read on friend. I'll tell you what it's been like for me.

Life as a transplant

My wife and I love food, and we spent much of our first weeks in Austin exploring restaurants and bars. Early on while enjoying a delicious burger at Salt and Time we mentioned to the bartender that we were new in town. Instead of just welcoming us to Austin, he went out of the way to invite us to grab a drink at a local bar, and insisted on buying us a drink. So yeah, the people here are friendly. Genuinely friendly. Truth is most of the people in this city moved here at some point, and while we don't really want all the headaches associated with our city growing bigger, we are always friendly. 

So where should I move to?

I guess that depends on what you like really. I'm a firm believer of living a designed life. If you are the type of person that likes to eat out and go to bars a lot (guilty as charged) you should probably live close to good restaurants and bars. If living in or restoring a mid century modern house is a big priority, then we got places for that too. Truth is, Austin has a bit of everything, and no one can really tell you what you are going to like. So let's play it like this, I'll tell you about what I like about different parts of the city, and you can decide for yourself if its a good fit. 

Here are my favorite restaurants, stores and events in different areas of Austin

Wonder what the homes look like in those areas? Check these out.