El Sapo

We all get in our routines. I remember when I first moved to East Austin all I wanted to eat was East Side Kings. I still miss the Grackle and Shangri La locations, but even without them we certainly don't have any lack of great food on the east side. In fact there is so much great food over here that I don't branch out enough and try new things. Last week I finally broke the mold and hit up El Sapo. I had no idea what to expect, and I have to say I was delightfully surprised. Besides being just an all around solid burger joint, the cantina half of things was equally competent. 

The ambiance is equally charming as well. The restaurant is built up inside a former gas station / auto shop, and they have managed to leave the interior tastefully spartan. You can almost still imagine the building in it's former life. I like a space that is honest about it's roots. We were there during a cold steak but that didn't stop them from keeping the garage door open. Mexican blankets were set out at every table for those not quite dressed for the pre winter chill. 

Unfortunately I was too interested in my burger and beer to snap any photos, so you will have to be satisfied with the one I did take above. Besides, shouldn't you just go check it out for yourself?

El Sapo Botanas y Burgers

1900 Manor rd

M-Th 11-10

Fri-Sat 11-11

Sun 11-9