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Caswell #411

Caswell lofts are on my short list of "Lofts I would live in" and for good reason. This particular unit has the bonus of only one shared wall and no above or below you, which is a pretty big deal for a condo. Plus those double height ceilings and loft which are so sweet.

Price: $450,000

Details: 1,276 sq. ft.  1 Bed, 2 Bath

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2484 Shoal Crest Ave

This is a great example of how to update a classic bungalow, and add some extra space. I call it "modern at heart" but really what I mean is a well designed space. The classic 1930's bungalow has been left intact on the outside, and the inside has gotten a facelift. The mid century modern butterfly roofed studio in the back provides a nice contrast without looking out of place. Well played Shoal Crest. Well played. 

Price: $575,000

Details: 1,054 sq/ft, 2 Bed, 2 Bath

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2205 N Lamar : Caswell Lofts #115

Neatly saddling Old Enfield and West Campus, Caswell Lofts is an ideal location close to both downtown and UT. This 800+ square feet of this unit make for a spacious one bedroom, and the finishes inside are quality. My favorite though is the look of the concrete floors and the warm wood ceilings. 

Price: $264,900

Details: 826 sq/ft, 1 Bed, 1 Bath

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2305 Shoal Creek

I'm totally intrigued by this house. It was built in 1987, which was a fairly dark time for well designed modern and contemporary homes. It did receive a pretty thorough updating in 2005, but it doesn't look like they made any major changes to the home. It was later featured in the 2010 Modern Homes Tour. I've done a bit of digging to try and find out who the original architect was, but I've come up empty handed. Anyone have any ideas?

Price: $760,000

Details: 1,843 sq/ft, 3 Bed, 2 Bath

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