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1015 E 45th

Every time I drive past this house I admire it. I'm glad to see that the inside is just as good looking at the outside is. Not just good looking either, the interior looks well planned out and an efficient use of space. The only downside I can see is living on 45th.

Price: $378,995

Details: 918 sq. ft.  2 Bed, 1 Bath

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833 E 38th : A.D. Stenger?

OK, let's just get this out there. This home is being billed as a "rumored A.D. Stenger", so it may not really be designed by him. In 1964 he was building homes in Rollingwood, so this would be an outlier. Never the less, I can say this, this home is pretty amazing. I've always been a fan of homes with an atrium in the middle, and this just reinforces that love. 

Price: $760,000

Details: 3,294 sq/ft, 4 Bed, 4 Bath

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