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1309 Meriden

Despite the fact that this house is over 6,000 square feet, it still looks like they paid attention to all the little details. It's got slabs of marble everywhere, and amazing master bath and a fantastic pool and guest house. Oh, did I mention almost a 1/2 an acre of land too? Yeah, it's got that also. Unfortunately the supersized house comes with a supersized price tag.

Price: $4,900,000

Details: 6,072 sqft, 6 Bed, 4 Bath

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2308 Enfield #105

Condo life isn't for everyone, but with the high housing prices in Austin these days it can make a lot of sense. The Terrace condo's are one of my favorite mid century condos in Austin. This fully updated unit is just a short stroll from the pool, and will probably cost you less per month than the crappy apartment you are renting now.

Price: $280,000

Details: 844 sq. ft.  1 Bed, 1 Bath

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1107 W 31st

If you like a little masculinity with your modern design, this is the house for you. If it's a bit too cold and hard looking, don't worry, I sure a little little interior decorating will take care of that. 

Price: $2,950,000

Details: 3,940 sq. ft.  4 Bed, 5 Bath

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Caswell Lofts #215

The list of condos that I love in Austin is pretty short, but Caswell Lofts are definitely on them. This particular unit happens to be one of the better styled ones I think I've ever seen. If you our furniture isn't quite as stylish, no worries I'm happy to help you pick out some new pieces. Also, can we talk about how great that swing arm lamp is over the table? 

Price: $359,950

Details: 977 sq. ft.  1 Bed, 1 Bath

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