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7062 Comanche

It's  good time to be a luxury buyer looking for modern in Austin right now. This house at first glance looked like what I would call hill country modern, but upon closer inspection it's got some great simple modern materials like the Corten volume on the front, and the cinder block interior walls. You know me though, I'm just in it for the pool. 

Price: $1,995,000

Details: 4,291 sq/ft, 4 Bed, 5 Bath

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12932 Luna Montana

I'm typically not attracted to homes quite this contemporary, but in this case I'm going to make an exception. The biggest thing that catches my eye are all the amazing indoor/outdoor spaces. I also really like all the use of stone indoors. You would just need to make sure you balance it with bright, clean lined furniture so it doesn't look too busy.

Price: $975,000

Details: 3,758 sq/ft, 3 Bed, 4 Bath

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