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1363 Montell

Ok, a bit of a wild card here. Having absolutely zero knowledge of viniculture I’m going to go ahead and say this is the perfect place to start a vineyard. Those rocky dry hills have got to be great a torturing grape vines, and those views aren’t too shabby either. PS after you buy it please hire me and I swear I’ll learn something about viniculture.

Price: $425,000

Details: 1,904 soft, 3 Bed, 2 Bath

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1481 Red Sky

I'm going to finish out this week with two houses that are a bit different. I like to call them hill country modern, and while they aren't exactly my favorite style, I do love how uniquely Texas they are. Hill country modern homes are typically big. Because Texas. Architecturally they are modern/contemporary in design, and utilize a lot of limestone in the structure and interior. The interiors, while modern, tend to be pushed towards the traditional side especially kitchens and bathrooms. Most of them come with a pool too, and hopefully a view as good as this one.

Price: $2,550,000

Details: 5,834 sq/ft, 5 Bed, 6 Bath

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