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402 Westbrook

The exterior elements on this Matt Fajkus designed home are a tad busy for my taste, but the inside is perfect. I love the obvious things like the natural light and muted color pallet mixed with dramatic darks. Even the little details like the flush baseboard are spot on.

Price: $2,855,000

Details: 4,100 soft, 4 Bed, 6 Bath

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3811 Westlake

While there is a lot about this property that screams Westlake, from the toe kick lights in the kitchen to the name of the street, there are still plenty of redeeming features. For a nearly 6,000 square foot property the design is fairly well executed, and did I mentions there is a swim up bar? Mic drop.

Price: $9,990,0000

Details: 5,775 sqft, 5 Bed, 7 Bath

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201 Bulian

I’m not going to lie, this one has me confused. The duplex was built in 1972 but it looks like it had a pretty major renovation recently. The confusing part is that the aesthetic looks like Dwell circa 2006. Either this house went through a wormhole or the designers were going for that “early aughts modern” look. Either way I find it endearing and strangely magnetic.

Price: $895,000

Details: 1,753 sqft, 3 Bed, 3 Bath

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3140 Honey Tree

I've had my eye on this neighborhood for a while now. It's a great place for those looking to be in Eanes ISD but on a bit of a budget. Not that this house is particularly inexpensive but others in the area have sold in the $600's in the past couple of months. This particular home was ahead of it's time doing a major remodel and update a few years ago. Not too shabby. 

Price: $1,150,000

Details: 2,740 sqft, 4 Bed, 3 Bath

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